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Immediate dentures are dentures that have been made to be fitted straight after your tooth/teeth have been extracted, so you are not left without any teeth for a period of time.

Both complete and partial dentures can be used in immediate restorations. When your having a tooth extracted, it is expected that your mouth will undergo various changes affecting the jawbone and remaining teeth, which is why some patients opt to have an immediate solution.

What Are The Benefits of An Immediate Denture?

The immediate denture will act like a bandage to the extraction site
Your won’t be without any teeth
Your speaking will adjust quicker
Facial distortion can be avoided (which can happen with extractions)

How Are Immediate Dentures Made?

Before you have the extraction an impression will be taken of your teeth. These impressions will be then used to make the denture, ready for when your tooth is due to be extracted.

The lab will use the impression material to make your custom denture. They will also simulate your booked extraction, so they can anticipate how the immediate denture is to look, feel and fit. This is done by grinding the teeth down on the mould and then make the denture to fit. This step will never be 100% accurate, so it is expected that once you have had the denture fitted, a reline will be required afterwards.

What Is a Denture Reline?

When you have teeth extracted it is common for the mouth to change during the healing period, meaning the once well fitted denture is no longer fitting as well. This is when we will do a denture reline where we will adjust the bottom of the denture to fit your new measurements, making it feel comfortable and snug again.

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