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Cosmetic Smile Make Overs

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What Are Smile Make Overs?

This is quite simply a make over for your smile. It encompasses multiple cosmetic treatments to transform your teeth and smile. Your smile is one of the most noticeable and greatest assets you have, and if your not 100% happy with it, it may really knock your confidence.

What Does a Smile Make Over Treat?

The beauty of a smile make over is the fact it can treat multiple issues and combine a number of treatments to transform your smile.
Some such cosmetic issues may include:

Chipped teeth
Uneven wonky teeth
Worn down teeth
Gummy smiles
teeth discolouration
Gappy teeth
Narrow smiles
Patchy teeth (white/brown etc)

What Treatments Are Used?

Smile make overs can vary from patient to patient drastically, so the actual treatment undertaken will also be different. At our clinic we offer an extensive range of cosmetic, orthodontic and dental implants treatment, that can cover a wide range of needs.

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