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Natural Comfortable Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic dentures are a type of denture that are made out of a specific acrylic (plastic) material. Acrylic can be a good material to use when making dentures, as it is easy to mold, allowing for changes to be easily made. Acrylic is quite a common material used in both complete dentures and partial dentures.

How Are The Acrylic Dentures Made?

When you decide to go ahead with the dentures an impression of your teeth will be taken. If you are due to have an extraction, depending on the exact treatment you are having, the impressions may be taken before or after. For example, if you are having immediate dentures the impressions will be taken before the extraction. In standard denture treatments, the impressions are done after the extraction.

The impressions will be sent off to a dental laboratory for the dentures to be made. All of our acrylic dentures are custom made for each individual, making them feel more comfortable and better fitted. Secondary impressions may also be required before the try-in stage. The try-in stage will include a try of the denture in the patients mouth, so the necessary adjustments can then be noted and made. The denture will be carefully refined to ensure a snug fit. The final stage will be a final fit of the denture. One of the main benefits with acrylics, is that it is easy to make alterations and adjustments. Depending on your exact case, the acrylic denture may be made to stabilise to existing teeth with precision attachments.

Why Have Acrylic Dentures?

Because acrylic is a moldable material, it makes it easier to be able to alter the denture in the future, if relines are needed. Another major benefit associated with these dentures, is the lower cost, compared to other materials. Acrylic tend to be more commonly used in partial dentures.

How To Take Care Of Your Acrylic Denture?

Like other dentures, the acrylic denture needs to have the same level of care. You can clean them with a toothbrush and toothpaste (carefully in a wash basin, with padding in case they are dropped) or with a special denture cleaning agent. By ensuring you practice a daily oral health regime, you will break the build up of bacteria and help protect your dentures.

In most cases dentures are not worn at night, so your soft tissue has some time to breath. The denture needs to always stay moist at all times, and needs to be kept in water over night.

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