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Comfortable Flexible Partial Dentures

What Are Valplast Dentures?

Valplast are beautiful looking, comfortable partial dentures that are used to replace multiple missing teeth. One of the main benefits of this type of partial denture is the fact they are flexible.

Why Would You Need Valplast Dentures?

Valplast can be used for:

Replacing multiple missing teeth, while fitting around the remaining teeth in your mouth
Treating nervous patients as it is a non-invasive teeth replacement option
Giving you a beautiful smile again

Valplast dentures are a very comfortable way to replace missing teeth, as they will be custom made to fit your mouth exactly, and the flexibility aspect of the dentures will also allow them to adapt to your mouth.

How Durable Are Valplast?

Valplast are a durable type of denture with standard wear and tear but like all types of dentures does require carefully looking after when removing and cleaning, to ensure they last a long time.

What’s The Difference Between Valplast And Other Dentures?

The main differences between Valplast and other types of dentures are:

Conventional Dentures

Not as comfortable
Don’t easily accommodate changes in the mouth
Not flexible

Valplast Dentures

Made to fit your mouth, with a comfortable fit
Change with the changes in your mouth
Lightweight flexible frame, but retains its strength

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