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Natural Looking Fillings

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What Are Fillings?

Fillings are a very common form of dental treatment. They are used to fill up cavities in your teeth to prevent any infection working their way deeper into the tooth’s root. Cavities can occur over time and can happen at a faster rate depending on your lifestyle (eating lots of sugary foods and drinking sugar rich drinks). Traditionally these fillings were made out of a silver amalgam material but in modern dentistry we now steer away from these, and head down the white composite route.

Why Have a White Filling?

If a cavity appears in your teeth it is the recommended course of action to have a filling (unless it has progressed and requires a more substantial treatment). Its important to not leave any cavities as they allow bacteria to enter the tooth and can cause further discomfort and even infections, which can progress into killing the tooth (may require root canal treatment).

Is Pain a Good Indication To Get The Filling Done?

If you have been advised that you require a filling, it is always in your best interest to get the filling done rather than waiting till you start to feel discomfort. Pain is not often the first sign when it comes to problems related to your dental health and can often mean issues have moved to the next stage if there is an associated pain. When pain does occur it may mean that there could be additional work required to treat you. It will be more cost effective and can help protect your teeth for longer by treating issues as they occur.

What Are The Advantages of White Fillings?

Some of the most common properties included with white fillings are:

Very discrete – they are tooth coloured
Mercury free

Do White Fillings Have Disadvantages?

If you have a large cavity in your tooth or teeth the white fillings may not be suitable and you may require a ceramic inlay.

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If you haven’t been to the dentist for a while it is recommended that you attend every 6 months so we can keep an eye on your dental health (and identify potential problems). If you are looking to replace your amalgam fillings we will be more than happy to book your free consultation and explain the process to you.

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