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Natural Comfortable Complete Dentures

In the most severe cases when you have lost all of your teeth or they are due to be extracted, you might be looking at getting a complete denture. Removable complete dentures will never be the same as your own set of teeth as they are not secured in place by anything, which means overtime as your jaw bone shrinks, the denture will need relining to be snug again. However, if the dentures are secured in place by dental implants, they will function more like your original teeth.

What Is Bone Shrinkage?

One of the biggest problems with losing teeth is the degrading effect is has on your jawbone. Without any teeth, your bone will fade away over time. This process is often called bone resorption and is the bodies natural response to lost teeth. How quick this affects you will vary from person to person.

Upper Vs Lower Denture

The difference between upper and lower jaws are quite significant. Upper dentures tend to be more stable as there is space on the jawbone.

It is to be expected that the lower jaw will experience the most problems. Lower jaws are naturally smaller than their upper counterparts, meaning there will be less space on the gums. Bone shrinkage does occur at a faster rate when it comes to the lower jaw. With the constant presence of a moving tongue, it does often mean the lower denture does move around more. The move movement that do occur, can start to cause the denture to lose its shape overtime.

Stabilising Dentures

Losing bone can be a very devastating on-going problem, that can lead to further headaches along the line. One solution that can secure the denture in place and reduce the affects of bone resorption, is dental implants. The implants will fuse with the jawbone, promoting health bone growth and will anchor in the denture on top.

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