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What is DURAthin?

DURAthin are a type of porcelain veneer that utilises a technique to make very thin veneers. They require very little to no tooth preparation at all, as the the very thin veneers can be carefully bonded to your teeth.

Will DURAthin Be Suitable For Me?

DURAthin are a very modern and new form of porcelain veneer. They have been created by Doctor Dennis Wells and a technical Mark Wiles. The concept they have designed means that more of the original tooth will be preserved so the treatment is reversible. This type of veneer may be suitable in the following cases:

Existing teeth are small
There is an orthodontic need
The teeth are worn or chipped
Gappy smiles

What Are The Advantages of DURAthin?

DURAthin are a type of cosmetic treatment. By making the veneer ultra thin, it means the tooth will require minimal preparation (if any). With other types of veneers, teeth need to be prepared by shaving and drilling them down, to make room for the veneer to be bonded. The main advantages with DURAthin are:

No drilling or grinding of the teeth (case dependant)
Original teeth are kept intact
Treatment can be reversed
Beautiful and natural smile
Strong and durable material

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