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What Is Emax?

Emax are a type of pressed porcelain veneer. They are made by casting them under high pressure, which makes them a very strong and high quality veneer. Emax are one of the best and well known veneers available on the market. They are often used to improve the aesthetics and function of damaged teeth. A porcelain veneer is a thin layer of material which will be bonded to the tooth, to improve the overall look of the tooth/teeth.

The way Emax veneers are created is through a very unique method, but it does give them very superior results. The initial moulds of the veneers are made out of a wax, and then a cast is then made under high pressure.

Am I Suitable For Emax Veneers?

The most common complaints people may consider veneers are:

Uneven teeth

The above problems can be treated through Emax veneers. There are a number of different veneers available, but the most suitable one for you will depend on the exact requirements your case has and what quality is required.

What Are The Advantages of Emax?

Emax is made out of a very high quality material which allows it to be thin and strong. By being thin it means there will be less tooth preparation required for the veneers to be placed. The veneers are both strong and durable, and will be aesthetically pleasing.

One of the biggest advantages with Emax veneers is that it will help protect your existing tooth from further damage. As long as you maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine, you will be able to keep your teeth and veneers healthy. Other types of veneer may require more drilling which can damage the enamel of the teeth.

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