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Accurate Dental Implant Preperation

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What Are CT Scans?

CT, short for Computer Tomography are a 3D cone beam X-Ray that will accurately show the structure of the jaw and vital areas, such as nerves, sinuses etc. This is invaluable for dental implant dentists as it allows for them to plan for careful implant placement.

Why Would You Need a CT Scan?

In some cases that are having dental implants, it may be advised that you require a CT scan before you can proceed. This is so the dentist can safely and accurately plan the best placement of the implants for optimum results.
CT scans allow the dentist to:

Identify vital structures e.g. sinuses, root tips, nerves.
Examine bone quality and volume.
Allow a replica virtual placement of an implant into a 3D mock-up of your jaw.

How Long Will It Take To Take a CT Scan?

The process of taking a CT scan is very quick and will only take roughly 5-10 minutes. Subject to availability, we will arrange for a CT scan as soon as possible.

What Is The CT Scan Procedure?

To take a CT scan it is a very quick and hassle free appointment:

Your jaw will be scanned.
The scan will be sent over to our database, ready for your implant dentist to start planning the placement of the implant.

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