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Is Thumb Sucking A Problem

Thumb guards are available for children & adults

What Can Thumb Sucking Lead To?

It is quite common to find that children will suck their thumbs. Unfortunately, if this becomes a long term habit it can have serious repercussions for the development of the child’s teeth. Some of these problems can include:

Gappy smiles
Crooked teeth
Bite problems
Introducing the thumb guard product

What To Do?

Stopping your child from sucking their thumb is easier said than done, but it is very important to monitor if this is becoming a serious habit. One specific product that has been designed to help with this problem is the thumb guard. It has been designed to be very comfortable on the child and will still allow them to enjoy every day life (apart from sucking their thumb). It is also made out of a nontoxic plastic material to be safe.

The thumb guard works by stopping the child from being able to suck their thumb and over a period of time without being able to do this, the child will outgrow the habit. The guard works by allowing air between the guard and thumb which makes it not possible for the child to have suction on the thumb. The guards also come in a number of different colours to appeal to children.

How Should I Use The Thumbguard?

To begin with, the thumb guard should be used for 4 weeks around the clock (including bed time). The guard is locked at the wrist (comfortably) so the child won’t be able to slip them off. By practising conscious use, you will be able to beat the habit a lot quicker.

If you are worried your child is sucking their thumb too much, or you are an adult who hasn’t broke the habit either, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

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