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What Are Social 6 Lingual Braces?

Social 6 are a type of lingual brace that are fitted to the backs of your teeth, to give you an effective and discrete method of straightening your teeth.
One of the main benefits with lingual braces is the minimal impact it will have on your tongue position and speech, giving you greater comfort during treatment.

What This Orthodontics Programme Includes:

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STb Lingual Braces
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Why Choose Social 6 Braces?

One of the main reasons many patients decide to go ahead with social 6 lingual braces is because they are very discrete and 100% hidden on the backs of your teeth – people won’t even know your in treatment unless you want to tell them!.
With Social 6 also known as STB, the brackets are 100% custom made specially for your teeth, making it a more comfortable brace to have treatment with.

Lingual Braces


Are STB Lingual Braces Suitable For Me?

We offer an extensive range of braces because each brace may be more suitable for a specific type of case. Because of this, we offer free consultations to discuss your needs in full and to identify which option would be the most suitable for you. Social 6 braces could be suitable for:

Twisted Teeth
Gappy Teeth

If you are looking for a discrete option such as a clear aligner system, but want a stronger fixed brace option, then STB could be an ideal treatment for you.

Lingual Braces


How Does Social 6 Braces Work?

When Social 6 was developed, they had the patients comfort in mind. The system uses light forces and low friction to correct teeth. This method has proven to be very effective at straightening teeth and does help the patient enjoy the treatment more.

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