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Dany Coated Archwire

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What Is An Archwire?

In some brace systems an arch wire is used to straighten your teeth. Not all systems will use an archwire, for example, aligner systems such as Invisalign will not. The type of systems you can expect to use an archwire will be typically 6 month smiles, damon braces etc. The archwire is an important part of these types of braces as they mechanically apply the gentle pressure which will gently straighten your teeth.

What Is Special About A Dany Coated Archwire?

The company behind this product are called Dany and they are a Bio Medical company that have researched new technologies to improve many of the flaws with the standard archwires.
One of the most common issues that we have heard from our patients is that their archwire has discolored when eating dark foods such as curry’s. Which is more of a problem when the patient has opted for tooth colored wires for a more discretionary treatment.
This new wire Dany have developed uses a special coating on the arch wire that can stop the discoloration happening. This is through the use of an FDA approved non-toxic coating.

What Other Benefits Are Associated With This Archwire?

Dany archwires also have the following benefits:

Coating has a long duration
Does not peel off
Won’t fragmentize
Non-toxic anti-bacterial
Low friction compared to traditional archwires

Is The Material Used On The Archwire Safe?

The FDA has approved the material used on this archwire of Class 4, which is the highest level of approval that is needed. This coating is quite often commonly uses on artificial hearts. The same material is quite often used on catheters and needles.

Can I Have This Archwire With My Braces?

If you have decided to go ahead with a treatment that uses an archwire, then this may be a suitable option for you. At the free consultation the dentist will go through all the available options so you are able to make an educated decision on how you would like to proceed.


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