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What Are Damon Braces?

Damon braces are an advanced and modern way to straighten your teeth, focusing on both the roots and crowns of the teeth. With traditional methods of braces, it would often be the case that you may need to have a tooth or two extracted before you could have your teeth straightened. With damon braces, it is possible to reposition those teeth that would of needed to be extracted with other systems in some cases.

Strong Fixed Braces

The damon system comprises of a fixed brace on the fronts of the teeth. The braces can either be metal or clear to suit the patients needs.

Gentle Forces To Straighten Teeth

One of the main benefits of going with modern day braces is the way the braces mechanics works to straighten your teeth. Traditionally speaking, the fixed metal braces that was used to straighten teeth, uses a lot of pressure to move the teeth, which could cause the patient discomfort during their treatment. With modern day systems such as damon braces, they have been designed to use low forces and pressure, which gently moves the teeth into the correct positions.


Self Ligating

The Damon systems we offer are self ligating. What this means is, the brackets that hold the archwire in place (the wire that moves the teeth), do not require elastics to hold the wires in place. These brackets allow the wire to smoothly move through the bracket, which means it is very low friction and gentle for the patient. The old fashioned elastics did cause friction as the wire moved the bracket, and were one of the reasons why the patient may of experienced discomfort during treatment.

What Can The Damon System Treat?

Crowded or crooked teeth
Gaps between teeth
Protruding teeth
Under or over bites
Cross bites

Free Consultations For Teeth Straightening

There are many available systems that can be used to straighten teeth. We offer free consultations so we can assess your teeth and identify the most suitable options for you. If you would like to book your free consultation please do not hesitate to call us today.

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