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Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

Root canals are a treatment that treats the centre of an infected tooth, in an attempt to save the tooth. Depending on how badly infected the tooth is, there will be a possibility that the tooth is unsaveable and we would need to discuss suitable gap management options at the free consultation so you are not left without a tooth.

How Can Infections Happen?

Infection will happen as bacteria starts to build up in the tooth, and the most common causes for the build up of bacteria can be down to:

Tooth decay
Fillings that have leaked
Trauma to a tooth (a fall etc)

We always stress at our practice that dental care at home is extremely important, to maintain an efficient and healthy oral hygiene routine, which will help combat the build up of bacteria in between a professional visit to the dentist.

What Part Of The Tooth Needs Saving?

Enamel – this is the hard outer coating of the tooth
Dentine – this acts at the support for the enamel and will form the majority of the tooth (softer than enamel)
Cementum – this is the hard material that is coated on the surface of the root
Dental pulp – this is the soft tissue found at the centre of our teeth and needs saving by a root canal if infected

Dental Pulp Infection

If bacteria does build up inside a tooth it can lead to an infection that attacks the pulp of that tooth. This is when a root canal is needed to clean out the decay and infection to save the nerve of the tooth. When an infection does occur, it can be extremely painful and cause the face to swell in severe cases.
After the root canal is successful (9 out of 10 cases are), the tooth will then be filled with either a crown of filling and then sealed (to prevent any further infection). The then treated tooth can go on to live for a further 10 years if maintained with a healthy oral hygiene routine!

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