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What Are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are an exciting and modern way to straighten you teeth. One of the main concerns most patients have before having braces is what they will look on their teeth, and how noticeable they will be. Traditionally speaking, old fashioned braces used to be fixed to the fronts of your teeth and were metal, not very comfortable and very noticeable. With modern advances in dentistry and in particular orthodontics, modern day systems allow for comfortable, enjoyable, and discrete methods to straighten your teeth.

Hidden Braces

Lingual braces are fixed to the tongue side of the teeth (the backs) and are completely invisible to other people – unless you tell people, they won’t know your having your teeth straightened!


Am I Suitable For Lingual Braces?

Like all braces options we offer, the most suitable brace for you may vary depending on your exact needs. Lingual braces have been designed to treat your front teeth. We offer free consultations so we can examine your teeth and identify which braces will be the most suitable for you. We always send out a treatment plan following the consultation which will outline the options that were discussed.

Are Lingual Braces Comfortable?

Old fashioned braces are often associated with being uncomfortable and bulky. Modern day braces have been designed so they achieve the results you are after but in a more comfortable and effective manner. Lingual braces like all modern day braces, will have an initial adjustment period where it will take some time to get used to having the braces on. This adjustment period does very from person to person, but you will quickly become accustomed to them. After this period, you will forget you are even wearing the braces!

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We understand that deciding to go ahead with an orthodontic treatment can not only be a financial commitment, but it is also a time commitment. We offer free consultations so we can asses your teeth and smile to determine which options will be the most suitable for you. We will then follow up with a tailored treatment plans outlining the options that were discussed. We offer 0% and low interest finance plans to help meet your financial needs too.

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