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Dental Implants With Sedation

If you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth, you may be looking at a secure way to replace them. The most modern way to do this is through the use of dental implants. This treatment involves surgically placing dental implants into the jawbone, which will then act as the anchor for your new replacement teeth. There are numerous ways to now replace teeth, but the use of dental implants is considered the gold method as it offer stability, security and functionality.


Treatment With Sedation

However, the second thought of getting dental implants is often accompanied by the actual procedure itself, of placing the implants into the jawbone. It is quite common for people to feel anxious and sometimes even scared of proceeding with this type of treatment. We are also able to offer dental sedation. This is a very popular option for a lot of our patients, especially the more nervous ones.

Sedation carried out at a dental practice will induce the patient into a state of unawareness where they are unable to remember the actual procedure or their surroundings, smells, sights etc. This means the dentist can carefully, safely and easily carry out the procedure without the patient even knowing.
The patient won’t be fully under and will be able to respond to the dentists questions, but you will be blissfully unaware of the actual treatment and afterwards, you won’t be even able to recall it. For all sedation treatments we carry out, the patient does require a chaperon to pick them up afterwards and take them home safely.

How Is The Sedation Administered?

We administer sedation Intravenously which is a painless injection into the patients arm. The injection will only feel like a tiny prick and will quickly work on the patient. Throughout the treatment our highly trained team will monitor the patient to ensure the procedure is carried out in a professional and safe environment.

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