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Perfect Smiles With Porcelain Veneers

Have you always wanted a Hollywood smile but thought it wasn’t possible? Nowadays we see lots of celebrities with picture perfect teeth, however quite often they are not natural, they are veneers.


What Are Porcelain Veneers?

A Veneer is basically a cover for your tooth or teeth, which is then bonded to the tooth or teeth to stay in place. Veneers can be made out of many different materials. A Porcelain Veneer is made out of a Porcelain material. The reason people tend to have Veneers is because it can make the look of your tooth or teeth more aesthetically pleasing, by changing the shape or colour. In addition Veneers can also hide gaps that braces couldn’t fix and hide chips and other damage, such as internal stains to the tooth or teeth.

What Are The Advantages Of Veneers?

People tend to choose Veneers over other dental treatments available because there can be little to no preparation of the original tooth or teeth needed. In addition they can make your whole smile look healthier and brighter, whilst still looking natural because the material used is very thin, that when bonded to the tooth or teeth it is hardly noticeable.

How Long Will A Veneer Last?

Once you have had Veneers put on they can last for a very long time, however just like your own teeth your Veneers can be chipped or broken, but if you go back to your dentist they will be able to either repair the chip or just replace the Veneer altogether. Taking care of your veneers will reduce this risk dramatically.

How Much Do Porcelain Veneers Cost?

The price of our Porcelain Veneers start from £550 per tooth. However we do offer 0% and low interest payments plans to help break up the total cost of treatment. To get the best treatment at a price you can afford please arrange your free consultation today with one of our dental professionals. With our financing plans in place, we can help you afford to get the perfect smile you’ve dreamed of.

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