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Why Should I Use Dental Floss?

You should use dental floss before you brush your teeth twice daily to remove and plaque and food that may have gotten stuck in between your teeth. plaque is a sticky bacteria substance that sticks to your teeth, which is why you should brush twice daily and floss. This will prevent the plaque from building up and eating away at your teeth and gums. Sometimes brushing alone will not get rid of food and plaque, and if plaque and food is left to build up it will may cause your gums to become irritated and inflamed and may eventually, if left untreated, rot your teeth.


How To Use Dental Floss

Dental floss is a thin thread that can be placed in between your teeth to remove food and plaque. However if you use dental floss incorrectly you may cause damage to your gums. For more information on how to use dental floss correctly you should speak to a dental professional so that they can advise you what to do.

What If My Gums Bleed?

When you first start flossing you may notice that your gums bleed slightly. This is because the gums may be slightly irritated buy food and plaque build up, but after a few days the bleeding should stop. If after a week your gums are still bleeding then you should contact a dental professional who can check your gums.

What If I Find Flossing Difficult?

There are many different ways of flossing your teeth. For example if you are finding it tricky to hold the floss and place it between your teeth, you can always get a flosser, which holds the floss in place, so that it is easier to be placed in between you teeth. There are also interdental brushes available. These are little brushes that can be placed between your teeth to brush out any food or plaque. However if you are still finding flossing difficult you should consult your dental professional, so that they can offer you other ways of cleaning your teeth to avoid plaque and food build up.

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