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Will My Teeth Be Too White?

If you are not happy with the colour and shade of your teeth you may be considering whether or not teeth whitening will be a suitable treatment for you. Some of the questions people tend to ask are, will the whitening make a difference to the looks of their teeth and will they make them too white?


How Whitening Works

The whitening solution will penetrate through the enamel of your teeth and will lighten the discoloured molecules, giving you a more natural and brighter smile. The whitening we offer is safe to use and won’t cause any damage to the enamel. Sensitivity can sometimes occur when whitening your teeth but using a sensitive tooth paste when whitening can help lessen these effects.

How effective the whitening will be will vary from one patient to the next. This is because alongside the current condition of your teeth, your lifestyle does play an important part in how white your teeth can be. At the free consultation the dentist will asses your teeth and lifestyle habits to give you realistic expectations that can be achieved with the whitening.

Home Whitening

One of the more popular whitening treatments we offer is a home whitening kit. The first part of the treatment does involve around 10-14 days of consecutive whitening before seeing the dentist for a review. The review is to assess if the whitening results the patient wanted have been achieved, and more days of whitening can then commence if needed. One of the main benefits with the home kit, is the fact that you can top up your whitening effects on a monthly basis (or less regular to suit your needs).

People do have different needs and wants different levels of whitening – some patients want really white teeth, where as some, are happy with more natural results. Whichever end result you want, our dentists will be more than happy to discuss realistic expectations at the free consultation.

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