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Clear Braces in Lichfield

Teeth straightening is a very popular treatment to have for children and adults as well. It is becoming more common place and popular for adults to undergo a form of orthodontic treatment. With modern advances in this field and the number of systems that have and are being developed for tooth correction, there really isn’t an upper age limit to get your teeth straightened. There used to be a lot of embarrassment and prejudice placed on having braces when you are an adult. This can be in a social or professional light. In this day and age of thinking about how you look or others perceive you, it can be quite important to ensure every aspect of your life meets up to the standards you set yourself.


We understand the importance of aesthetics and how it can be off putting to have to wear a bulky and noticeable brace. Depending on what you exactly need, we offer an extensive range of systems that can meet your needs. Each patient is different and therefore how we treat them will also be different. Not all braces will be suitable to treat you. This is because certain systems have been designed for different types of scenarios that may occur with your teeth.

As you can imagine there are many different problems that can occur with your teeth, and to straighten them may require particular movements to get to the straight teeth you desire. We offer the free consultation so we can asses your teeth and identify what system will best meet your needs, and how long we anticipate you will be in treatment for.

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