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Dental Implants Staffordshire

Dental implants are considered the gold standard in tooth replacement. The reason why they are considered the gold method in replacing teeth is because they restore the most stability and functionality that you can get with false teeth. Typically the way to replace your teeth in the past was to go down the denture root. This is a removable option that is made to sit on your bone ridges and be held in either by suction (full arch replacements) to precision attachments (partial dentures). There is quite often a bad stigma with dentures as they can be uncomfortable and not well fitting. This happens when the dentures have not been made for your exact measurements of your mouth. Dentures can be very comfortable and this occurs when they are custom made by a skilled dental technician. Over time, due to the missing teeth, it is natural for your mouth to change and therefore your once well fitted dentures are not as comfortable (they will require a reline).


But if you really are not getting on with dentures you may be considering the next level up. This is when implants come in. They are placed surgically and carefully by a skilled implant dentist. These implants are effectively new roots. They will not be visible in the mouth as they will be hidden by the gums. They will fuse with your jawbone and will offer stability and security to the restorations on top. They can be used for single, partial and full restorations (case dependant).

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