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Tooth recontouring

Tooth recontouring – a cosmetic procedure, is becoming more popular for a lot of people. What actually is it though and how does it help? Read our latest article to find out more.

Many people want perfect smiles and why wouldn’t they – it improves confidence and self-esteem. When teeth form and grow it can be a little similar to hair – it doesn’t always happen uniformly. Teeth can also form differently meaning the individual teeth within your set can be all different. Many people are uncomfortable with this when they smile which is why they may seek tooth recontouring to help with the issue.

Some of the main concerns from people are the problems with the shape or length of their teeth. Tooth recontouring can help by the dentist taking small strips of the enamel of the tooth to help change the shape or length. Tooth recontouring is generally done as a wider aesthetic programme helping people to gain more control over their smile.

Recontouring is generally a simple procedure to undertake and it is a common remedy for some dental problems also. In addition to the way teeth form, teeth can wear during our lifetime and chips to the surface can occur. Tooth recontouring is an example of how a problem like this can be addressed also.

If you would like to explore the possibility of teeth recontouring then the first step would be to visit your dentist and discuss your reasons. Recontouring is considered an aesthetic procedure so some establishments may not offer it. Generally dentists will be unwilling to use recontouring procedures for large scale problems so bear in mind that minor adjustments and small fixes are best suited for this. Consultations are important before any type of procedure like this is undertaken, because explanation on what will be done and what to expect from the results will take place. The patient can then make an informed decision on whether they think this would be suitable or effective for them.

Normally before this procedure is carried out, your dentist will want to take x-rays of your teeth to see if there is enough enamel to be able to use, so the tooth/teeth can be recontoured. The procedure actually involves the dentist performing a kind of sanding motion to address any imperfections. Despite how it sounds, it is actually a pain free procedure as sensitive areas of the teeth aren’t touched. Recontouring procedures are usually done quickly and visible results can be seen after.

Aswell as the aesthetic advantages and improving confidence, recontouring can actually have many other actual health benefits also. It has been shown recontouring spurs people to take more interest in their oral hygiene. By addressing irregularities in teeth structure teeth become easier to clean which is another positive result.

To find out more on tooth recontouring and our other aesthetic treatments, visit our cosmetic dentists page now.

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