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How do Invisible Braces Work?

Invisible Braces have been a revolutionary development within the world of orthodontics, offering patients with an effective tooth straightening and realignment option that is as effective as it is aesthetically pleasing. For adults especially, the thought of wearing visible braces for a span or two years or more is enough to deter individuals from opting for the orthodontic treatment altogether; however, invisible braces are now able to provide the same great results given by normal braces without need for such concern. So, what are invisible braces, and how do they work with such effect?

While commonly referred to as ‘braces’, this orthodontic treatment can actually be identified as a ‘transparent aligner’. Invisalign is the market leader within this field of treatment and thus the product most commonly used by leading orthodontic professionals; while similar products may also be made available, Invisalign is recognised as the most popular transparent aligner currently on the market.

Aligners work through the gradual movement of teeth to a desired final position, working to realign any crooked teeth and achieve a more visually aesthetic smile. In order for this treatment method to work to effect, an individual must progress through a series of different aligners, each aiming to further move the teeth to their desired position. At the end of this process, a retainer must be worn as to keep teeth in their proper placement; this is advised for all orthodontic treatments.

During treatment, regular check-ups with your local orthodontic surgery must be attended at a maximum of every six to eight weeks as to ensure proper progress is being achieved and no issues have occurred through the course of treatment. This is standard with all orthodontics as this allows for proper observation and intervention from a dental professional who will guide the process and see that the desired results are acquired.

While traditional fixed braces remain a great option for patients with more severe cases of tooth realignment in which removeable braces may not act as effectively as they could, there are many benefits that accompany the use of invisible aligners such as Invisalign that may deem the treatment more suitable to patients. While it is still recommended that aligners are worn for the majority of the day, with most orthodontists recommending wear for 22 hours per day, this type of brace is able to be removed for eating and drinking and allow for more effective cleaning. This makes the maintenance of good dental hygiene a much easier task when compared to traditional braces that are not able to be removed.

To conclude, invisible aligners provide patients with a great way to achieve a visually appealing smile without having to deal with the down sides that may be considered to accompany traditional fixed braces.

While not always an option in more severe cases, this treatment method is a great option and an effective way to straighten misaligned teeth and gain a more aesthetically pleasing look.

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