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What constitutes an emergency dental appointment?

Taking care of your teeth isn’t always as simple as brushing twice a day. There are many reasons why you may need to see your dentist, however, it is important to differentiate the difference between needing to see your regular dentist, and needing an emergency visit. Accidents happen every day, but some injuries will require immediate treatment, while others can wait for the normal business hours in which your dentist operates.

When should I visit an emergency dentist?

Knocking out a tooth is the most common reason behind visits to the emergency dentist. Whether the tooth is cracked, broken or knocked out completely, the quicker you get to a dentist, the better off you will be. Depending on how severe the damage to the tooth is, you will either need an emergency appointment, or wait for a normal in hours appointment.

You can cause trauma to your teeth through sporting injuries, falling, or biting down on hard material or food. If your tooth has been damaged, you should judge the severity of the trauma to see whether it requires an emergency dental appointment.

Cases of cracked or knocked out teeth will require an emergency appointment, however if the tooth is chipped or has a minor fracture, you may just need to book a regular appointment. Very severe trauma to the teeth can dislodge a large chunk of the tooth or leave the nerve endings exposed. In cases like this, you should definitely seek immediate medical attention.

In cases where the source of the pain may not be immediately obvious, such as abscesses or severe tooth ache, an emergency dentist may be needed.


What to do when waiting for an appointment

Be sure to call your dental practice if you think you need to be seen immediately, as the dentist will often leave some appointments open for emergency cases.

If the practice is closed, still try and call as they may have an emergency number, or advice on what to do if you have damaged a tooth. Failing this, head to your nearest emergency room and wait to be seen. You will be examined to see if you require immediate medical attention, or if it can wait to be seen by your regular dentist.

When waiting to be seen, there are certain precautions you should take, especially if you have knocked a tooth out completely. If the tooth has been knocked out, try to handle it as little as possible, and try putting it back into the socket whilst being cautious not to swallow the tooth.


If your tooth will not go back into the socket, try biting down on a moistened compress and rinse off the tooth. Keep it in a container with either milk or your saliva until you are visited by a professional.If you have damaged a tooth, be sure to contact Ascent Dental Care Tamworth for an efficient and professional service.


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