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Dental Implant system

dental Implants by Dentsply

What Is The Ankylos Dental Implants Smart Fix System?

Ankylos is a modern dental implant system that has been designed by the internationally recognised dental company Dentsply (which comprises of both Astra Tech Dental and Dentsply Friadent).
This system is revolutionary in the field of dental implants as it utilises dental implants that are tilted to hold the restoration in place.

Why Would I Need To Have Ankylos Smart Fix Dental Implants?

The most common reasons why this might be a suitable treatment for you is if you either have missing teeth or teeth of poor prognosis (likely to fall out or requires extraction), or a denture that is starting to fail. At the free consultation we will asses if the Ankylos system would be beneficial to your needs or if there is another more suitable system.

What Benefits Will I Have From The Ankylos Smart Fix System?

Choosing to have this tooth replacement system does bring these benefits:

Stabilising Prosthetic Fit – Due to the angle that the tilted implants can be placed, there will be a larger area covered that will be supporting the restoration on top, utilising the jaw bone more effectively.
Critical Anatomical Areas Avoidance – One of the major benefits of having an implant that is tilted, is it can avoid the major areas in the jawbone (potentially avoiding the requirement of a sinus floor elevation for patients who may of required this.)
Positioning – The base abutments balance and implants have a 360 degree movement allowing for more flexibility of the placement.
Implant Placement Sub-Crestal – This can greatly reduce the chances of a inflammatory response of the peri-implant tissue, which is important for the survival of that implant.
Abutment Head – The abutment head used with this system will allow optimum freedom in terms of diameter and height.
Handling – The abutment are already preloaded onto a seating instrument, giving the implant dentist more flexibility, which can be very useful when there is not a lot of space.

This Dental Implant Treatment Programme Includes:

Full Consultation
CT Scan (If Required)
Ankylos Smart Fix Dental Implant
Intra-Venous Sedation (If Required)
Teeth Whitening
Final Restoration
Oral Hygiene Programme
Follow Up
Maintenance Programme

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